Date User Preference

I’ve had to publish my most popular watch in both Date Formats, MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY for both American and European users. I would love to see a Date User Preference feature exactly like the Hour User Preference.

Maybe it could be simply solved using the imperial/metric units tag. If user prefers using imperial units, usually also prefers MM/DD/YY. Maybe there are some exceptions, but the wast majority would be easily covered.


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Your comment is quite interesting, to have a more comfortable and fair schedule for each place in the world, with the calendar …
I think that you can also try to do that type of programming, using the position of the hours in the world … Using the command of the hours … adding and subtracting and others …
I, I have not tried, but I think it could be done good…

I also share the idea of @petruuccios that you can try

Or there, someone from the group, has more specific information on the subject, and gives a more specific answer …

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Cordially JDCardozo

I get the least amount of complaints about date format using 12/24 hour as the control for MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY. If it is set for 12 hour preference I have MM/DD/YY showing and if set for 24 I have DD/MM/YY showing. I have not had a complaint in over 2 years doing it that way. The only exemption is when I do a number only date, in that case it is YY/MM/DD for 24 hour.


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