Day and Time, help please, thanks ;-)

Hey @russellcresser , think you could give me an idea, about this?

See if you can help me make the 2nd Second Hand show the Day of the week. Thanks, as well as anyone who can help as well, thanks in advance.

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Hey . @simonseville . Good morning Here .

off the top of my head .



You will have to adjust the -25.71 offset to get the hand exactly in the middles of the day names .

Oh shit it is not that simple I need to test it .

I am on my phone . easier if you test it and get back to me .

OK . here is a test .

See the Formula is in the Peter Perfectly Descriptive Maths format so you might understand how to make the numbers .

I presume you know how to inspect a Draft .

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Hi @simonseville . The way to work this out is as follows:

  • Take the number of items you want to point to (in this case it is 7, evenly spaced).
  • Divide 360 by that number - so 360 / 7 = 51.429
  • Use #DOW# which gives you a number from 0 - 6, where 0 = Sunday.
  • Work out what the angle is to point to Sunday on your watchface. One way to do this by experiment is to go to the Rotations on a Second Hand, and replace the #DWFSS# with just the angle - try a few things until it points to the middle of the word. For this face it should be about 334.

Putting all this together you get a Rotation formula of (334+(#DOW#*51.429))

Hope that makes sense!


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thank you both, @russellcresser , thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Or just add 7 static pictures of the 2nd hand and change opacitiy…

If Monday then show hand 1, if Sunday then show hand 7…
No math involved.

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