Day count changes at the wrong hour

The day count is meant to change at midnight, instead it changes at 1 am. Is this a time zone problem? The issue can be replicated on the watch (samsung Gear s3) and also on the web portal.

The time is correct so this is just a day count issue I think.
Also all leading zeros in my counters are lost when in a formula eg (60-(#DmZ#), by itself #DmZ# gives leading zeros

ANy help appreciated.

1HR? Try backing your date up about 2 months. See what gives. I’d bet on a DST issue.

Hi Roger, I considered the DST but did not think it was that as the date toggled to 1st April correctly as can be seen from the picture. Is there a way to set the time and date to a specific date/time to test?

In the creator at thr bottom, click the date icon. A calender will popup, you can set the date there.

Thanks, yes that proves it is a DST issue, works for February.
My mobile gets its time from the mobile network (EE). The phone is set for automatic date and time, manually it is GMT +01 BST
On the watch Date and Time settings is greyed out.

Thanks for your help

Well this flags another found issue to be looked at doesn’t it? @Facer_Official. Facer watch app needs to read the watch time/date properly when DST is and Isn’t in effect. it appears as if the time is okay but date interpretation is not.

@facer7, happy to have been of help.