Day & Night showed with icons

Hi to all
I saw a tutorial of Tomaja where he teached how to have a sun icon during day time and a moon icon during night time.
I used the formulas that he suggested:
Sun/Day = TRASPARENCY = $#DISDAYTIME#=1?100:0$

Moon/Night = TRANSPARENCY = $#DISDAYTIME#=0?100:0$

My problem is that in the watch viev icons change from day to night, but not from night to day.
In the real watch, Galaxy watch, the icon is stuck on the sun and never change,
Here is my face

Do i make any mistake?
Can someone help having the correct icon during the correct part of the day?
Thanks in advance for any help

may be i put the wrong link. I put another

On your Opacity expressions you did fine except the 1 or 0 doesn’t work well on some WearOS watches. It’s best to use the below conditionals:

$#DISDAYTIME#==false?100:0$ for Night and
$#DISDAYTIME#==true?100:0$ for Day

This version will work on all watches. To directly answer your question I will assume that you are testing using Facer Creator. What I’ve found is that it will only function correctly on day/night conditionals when it’s set to today’s date. If you run it forward through the night and go into the next morning it will never show the daytime image for some reason. I normally test using 7:30 AM and PM or 7:30 and 19:30 hours on today’s date to test function.

I hope this answers your question.

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Hi mrantis
Before all thanks for your reply and help. Later i will change the expression and i’m sure that your formula will work.
Yes you have understood perfectly what i were looking for and you have given to me a very good and exaustive explanation.
Thanks again for the trick about how to experiment in Creator. I had not discovered it.
Last, my watch has Tizen so it seems that 0 and 1 does not work well in this OS too
Have a nice day

Hi again

I changed the formula with your and ALL IT’S WORKING AT HIS BEST. :smiley:
You have been of big help, thanks again. By the way also the trick of 7.30 and 19.30 helped me