Day of the Week Parallel Circle (plus reversed direction)

Hey :slight_smile: Finally decided to start messing around with actually cutting out backgrounds and using dials rather than “illusions” of dials :stuck_out_tongue: and so I made these 2 today that I’d like to share:

Actual images to use are found below (will be invisible if you’re using the forums default White background theme/color).

(Notice the day of the week towards the center of the watch face :stuck_out_tongue:)

Two images to basically be able to put this dial down anywhere you’d like, along with its rotation formula (given the images themselves are inverted, no matter where or which image you use, the formula remains the same):

Current day on the left:

Current day on the right:

Rotation formula:
((-(#DOW#/7)*360)+51.5) (Thanks to @mikeoday for the original formula base!)
(the +51.5 is to offset to the rotation of the day words within the image, and also if you’d like to have your Day window in a more diagonal position, this value will come in handy)

NOTE: I’ve set the image “thumbnails” here on this post to be 50% of their original size. The images themselves are quite decently sized :slight_smile:

Enjoy! :v:



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THNX Mike! Do you have hrs/mins/sec dials like this? I cant create it with my programs properly…

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Allen can you attach the images when you get a chance.


The images are there Trey, just Right Click on the white area you can see underneath Current day on the left and Current day on the right and you’ll see an option to “Save as” ok :grinning:

Thank you very much AllenMiquel, works like a charm :+1:

Great information and thanks for sharing. Can you please explain how you are achieving using dial rather than “illusions” of dials.Thanks!