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Days of the Week Arrow Problem


When the days of the week wheel is 360 degrees, there is no problem, but when we edit it as 180 degrees, I have a problem. How do you think I can solve this situation? Sample study link is attached.


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OK, the easiest way to do this is to make each day a firm degree number in the hand rotation. This expression will work, but you will have to change the degree for Sunday to -90, Saturday at 90 and figure out what degree angle will point to the rest of the days.

$#DOW#=0?223:$ $#DOW#=1?268:$ $#DOW#=2?315:$ $#DOW#=3?0:$ $#DOW#=4?46:$ $#DOW#=5?92:$ $#DOW#=6?138:$
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This works nicely with your set up .
Please do not ask me to explain .
I just POG around till it works.
You were 90% of the way there .
You just got the numbers a bit wrong and you were short a Few () and an Operand .
Don’t be frightened of ()
They are your Friends .


For ref your code

PS you do not have to Publish your work to show us that it is inspectable . You can make a draft Inspectable .

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I’m a newbie in this forum. I think this link will be correct.


I see no change yet.

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If the arrow stops at 90 degrees, it happens when I apply this code you posted (((#DWR#)/1.7)-120).
I just have to try this for other days as well.
After editing…

Ok, after the formula you sent, it passes smoothly to the days after Friday. Monday, Tuesday etc.
There is no problem at the moment.
Thank you very much for your interest and knowledge.

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I saw the test you published and it worked perfectly on Inspection . So you must have it sorted now. On to the rest of the Face now.

The final edited and published version of the clock interface is attached.
Thank you for your interest and knowledge.

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Weekday dials can have odd layouts with odd angles. In all cases, the devil is in the details!

There are a few different ways to do weekday dials. With mine, I start with precise details of the dial’s angles, and then I apply a generic formula using #DOW# that should cover weekday dials of all odd angles (using equal segment angles). The layout details of using this odd example:

Sunday° = -70°
Saturday° = 120°
Span° = (Saturday° - Sunday°) = (120° - (-70°)) = 190°

Rotation formula for the weekday hand would be:

For the example dial above, rotation formula for the weekday hand would be:
((#DOW#*(190/6))+(-70)) = ((#DOW#*(190/6))-70)

In your own example, using this alternate method:
Sunday° = -90°
Saturday° = 90°
Span° = 180°
Rotation = ((#DOW#*(180/6))-90) = ((#DOW#*30)-90)

And putting the odd layout in action. I enabled inspection, but since it’s not published, I don’t know if inspection works on this…

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Yeah That works . Nice HUD going there . I know you don’t see it moving normally but I like a static Colin . Make a bit more of that flashing second . Good job

Nice Tutorial coming along . Well done .

I was working with someone on this but i have forgotten what happened .

I applied the formula suggested by our friend kourosh. The result is as in the link. The arrow formula I applied for the days of the week in the link: