Days until a specific date

Hi could anyone help with providing details on how I could calculate the number of days until an event i.e number of days till Xmas


you could probably do the day of the year you want - #DD# tag. This is the current day in the year.

Only issue may be in the case of a leap year. Christmas is usually day 359 if I’m not mistaken.

something like this: (359-#DD#)

that’s great thanks for your help, could this be expanded to show days and hours/minutes also - would that also be possible?
For example: 97 days 9hrs 45mins


The #dd# tag is just days, but you could figure a calculation for any current time to midnight.

Good idea I have set this up for now to see how that looks:

(358-#DD#)D (23-#DH#)H (60-#Dm#)M

yep, thats the idea. :+1: