Dazza - World War Craft - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei

Just Finished this little gem for my friend any feedback would be great


WoW! literally :wink: well done mate.

Thanks i am going to do a v2 of this later i have some ideas

Your welcome mate, I like what you did. It has tons of margin for variations too. I think you’ll enjoy tweaking it :slight_smile:

hate to be picky, But you know its World of Warcraft. Hence the WoW :wink:

Sorry, Once upon a time I played this game for many years lol

Very nice.

One tip: I would add shadows at the rotating wheels in the middle to get even more depth.

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Good point shadows added

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Great face looks amazing lot better than mine but I am only a basic user and don’t know how to do complications and tags and well all of it lol

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