#DB# Bug with new update?

Noticed now in app on phone and on my watches (Gear S3, Huawei, Mission) that faces utilizing the DB tag for user selectable 12 or 24 time is wrong. In the face creator when 24 hour is selected in settings Midnight reads as 00 but in app and on watch its reading as 24 for Midnight. If not mistaken even the tag description states it should be 00-23. Not sure if this happened with the new update to 5.0.1 or prior though.

Again… shows as 00-23 in builder and on watch shows 01-24…

I know what you say. While facer is working on it you can try using this code to force it an to solve it:


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I’ll test one later tonight with that string. Thanks.

Right now on a test face it’s showing properly in the creator but in app clicking the run button still shows 24 instead of 0 so not sure it’s a fix. I’ll actually look at it on watch come midnight though to make sure.

That string seems to work for it. Thanks.

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happy to help you!