#DEEEE# does not show on my watch

So, the problem is that when I use the #DEEEE# tag in creator, or use an existing watchface with this tag, it does not show on my watch (Ticwatch Pro). It just like doesn’t exist. What can I do to it?

EDIT: Okay, tested few more date tags. None of them work except for date in numbers. Dont know whats wrong

Welcome to the community :v:

If I recall correctly, you’re missing an E from that tag; #DEEEE# should work :slight_smile: Unless that was a typo here when creating your topic, in which case, I’m not sure :frowning:

I’ve got it’s dumber brother (TicWatch E) here that I use for testing. It works just fine on it. I’m wondering if it might have a #DISDAYTIME# tag connected with it. I know mine only likes that tag with a true or false statement. If it is a 0 or 1 it just shows blank.

$#DISDAYTIME#==true?100:0$ is fine $#DISDAYTIME#==1?100:0$ won't work.

Just guessing at the moment.

Yeah, sorry. That was my typo, yet this does not solve the problem as I didn’t have any typos in code :frowning: