Define a USER constant

Hi there,

Is there a way to set a personal constant/variable for each user?

For example:

  • User A set VAR_A = 10
  • User B set VAR_A = 20

Thanks in advance

Hey @tschweizer,

Could you elaborate a bit more on what you want to achieve with a user variable?



Hi Tim,

Sorry for the delayed answer…
I have an idea of shows a string “X days to go…” on my watch face, depending on the user date of a trip.

For example:
User A will travel on December 25th… The face shows 90 days to go…
User B will travel next week… The face shows 7 days to go.

So, every user will need to have a specific variable (date_travel).

@tschweizer I’m afraid that right now this isn’t supported on Facer. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.