Delete Collection

Good morning,
I ask you if it is possible to insert or integrate the cancellation in the collection mode … thanks

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For now with your question …
I could not understand your question well, I can ask you please, if you can explain it more specifically, so I, or someone from the group can help you concretely

good morning, unfortunately I wanted to delete a collection due to the deletion of all the watch faces but I see that it is not possible … now the collection remains empty and inactive I cannot even see it in the selection add

Hello, you cannot delete a collection, but you can rename it.

hello,yes thanks I know the mode but the problem that unfortunately having deleted all the watch faces the collection and as if it were blocked does not allow me to see it in the selection add collection becomes as non-existent

If you can see the collection banner, open it. Next to the title there is a cog. Click that as if to edit. I think you can change the title there.

the collection once deleted all the watch faces can no longer be used and is not visible in the selector add watch to the collection the problem is inactivity

try to create a collection then add the watch faces and then empty the collection without faces and it remains unusable

What can be done with a collection, already created, is …
Change your advertising image … change or delete the watches that are inside this collection (and then add other desired watches …)
To do this, it is better to make a copy of your watches before deleting them, so that you have them in your portfolio, as individual use … and then you delete them from the collection …
The collection cannot be deleted once created … either with your designs, or without them

In my case, I couldn’t delete my collection either … I could only change it …

I hope we have been able to help you with your question !!!

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thanks for the answers given by your support, it’s a pity that we can’t solve this problem or implement a delete collection button, thanks for your support and courtesy, bye !!!

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