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Hello, in addition to the NDA, you need to sign a few other documents. One of them is tax registration (I don’t know the exact name) and I’m afraid there will be another problem with your country of residence.

@petr.patocka Yes, that’s right
I want someone else to fill out the forms instead of me
I haven’t choice :pensive:

Oh man, that sucks. Politics just sucks!

Legally though, I doubt you can allow someone else to sign a contract for you, no matter what country you are in.

Think about it - if I sign your NDA, and you break it, then I am in legally in a big mess, not you.

I don’t think anyone would be willing to do that.

AK, I’m so sorry you’re caught up in this. The vectored, broad brush of politics effects so many.

So much hard work, laid waste. I can’t help you, sorry.

This is not about circumventing the rules. I talked to them and they themselves offered me this. They have allowed me to work through a trusted person.

The answer they gave me is this: If somebody in your team can legally act on your behalf and is a US/Canada person that Little Labs is allowed to do business with, please do have them re-sign the NDA and we’ll move forward from there. Please do note that the payments will be made to that person and that it will be your responsibility to wire the funds back to you

Anyway, thanks for your note, this post will be deleted.

Ok, my mistake, apologies for my assumption. Good luck with your quest!

Unless something has been edited in this topic, no need to apologize, Batwolf.
There is a reason signatures need to be officially notarized by some (other) businesses when NDA’s are signed.

Thanks @Linlay

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