Deleted facer off my s3 classic watch now cannot use facer on my watch

Had to delete face off my watch and seems like facer now will not connect as tried to add new face but facer cannot be found on my watch face selection so will not even try to upload?
Shows on the app my chosen face but not loading on my watch nothing from facer on my watch now.
I’ve looked on facer app found nothing to add facer to my watch is all as normal on my phone.
Been to settings 're chosen my watch but nothing happens?
Connections show my watch is connected to my phone but facer just not on my watch?



Hi @kjones35 , did you reinstall Facer Companion app to your watch? You have to do it through the Gear 3 app on your phone. open that app , hit Apps and scroll to bottom= Galaxy apps click on that and search Facer Companion and install. Make sure watch is on and active so it can install. Hope this helps

I have an S3 Classic… Facer is a bit of an bitch on it… It keeps asking to pay again but without that it’s not working bad… Like Selia said… make sure you have the app on both your watch as on your phone…

It seems you have to install Samsung pay as long Facer need that… dunno why but if you refuse it will try to install every time you use Facer.

If you don’r get it working and you really want to… reset your S3 install Facer from Galaxy apps, make sure it’s still on your phone and that you did log on. and have fun… it really works well on Tizen… I have a lot of comments on Faser but the app works fine if you do things right…