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Those are nice !

But be carefull… even the name Star Trek is protected… They have tons of watches under licence made so your on the edge when you use the names they own (and that are alll used in the show or movies…)

Good point! I have now removed any references to the words ‘star t**k’ :grin:


Same story for Disney, Star Wars and all the tv shows…

Even Facer seems not to care you can get in trouble… I really wonder when Google will pull the plug on Facer… if they keep offering copyright protected true Play it will be over soon…

You can btw use wiki to see what it free to use, for example Omega not Seamaster is fine, Rolex not Sea Sweller is legal… a name, brand or slogan has to be registered and not everything can…

Oyster is a way to make the metal of a case invented by Rolex… but the word is free to use you can’t make the metal :stuck_out_tongue:

All of Star Trek is copyrighted. Ship design, names, interfaces like LCARS. Even the word Klingon has been object of a legal battle.