[DEMO] - Heart Rate


I’ve been helping another member with some code and in doing so i’ve dump all the code ive learnt and saved in notepad into a few watchfaces to allow inspection. Im always copy/pasting code from other watches so these for me will load quicker when i need them too. These are basics peeps but for other noobs like me a great resource. I hope it helps.



Tks Dave

I actually have a notepad too, but only 2 codes on there, (apart from the heart one you sent me)

Distance in KM
(floor(((1.8/10000.43)#ZSC#)*100)/100) KM

Switch between tags via opacity
Tag 1 $(#DWE#%10)<5?100:0$
Tag 2 $(#DWE#%10)>5?100:0$

Nice, i’ll try those out mate :slight_smile: