Design stuck - won't save

So, I have this design that won’t save. I can’t finish it because I can never get it to save. When I try, the saving indicator just goes on forever.


If I load it, don’t do anything with it, and save it, it saves, but as soon as I try to change something, it won’t save.
I’ve tried duplicating it, but the duplicate doesn’t save either. Anyone had this issue or have any idea on what to do? I put a lot of work into this face, and I’ll be pretty annoyed if I have to abandon it.
Other faces save just fine, so its clearly something with this specific face.

It might be the size. Overall a Face can’t be more than around 20mb

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Yeah it was the size. Thanks for the response.

Is that size actually displayed anywhere in Creator? I don’t recall seeing it but may come in handy to have such thing added, no?

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Yes, I think it would be useful. It’s not displayed anywhere. That said, it’s rare to hit the limit.

That depends on the watch maker :stuck_out_tongue: