Design Sync Cheat

Moving from having used gyro to accelerometerRaw, taking Mellin s lead. I am doing loads of Syncing as my maths is a bit wobbly.
So as it seems like there is a bit of Sync rationing, I have taken to previewing the designs on my Phone rather than my Watch. After saving the modification on my Laptop and waiting a few seconds otherwise you get the garbled view shown. I can preview what the Accelerometer is doing. As I have abandoned Gyro on this one it is no concern that my phone has no gyro. I hope this might help someone who is setting out to use this Gadget.


That’s a nice looking Face Sir, great work, and yes, the garbled image had me :rofl:


Thank you. I did not post the Watch as it is a bit scrappy at the moment. I find it so difficult rendering the Bling. It always looks so different on the Watch. It will look odd on a Big Watch but I think many of us have Little ones.


@russellcresser :+1:
Good topic, to keep in mind!
Thanks for the information…

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