Designer needed to make this watch

You can make the watch in your own style if you want but i would like to see it in this style of examples i made choice is yours i wont be able to make it even if the equations are shared with me i highly doubt it is even possible but even just with 1 or more of these ideas- this idea and design is original and custom made

-Default under transparent glass bubble button numbers between 0 and 4 for minutes 1-Push glass button date just day appears
2-Push button again shows battery-
Long push- all shapes in center slide away and you have normal hands showing the time normal analogue but the shapes slide back under cog and hands
Long push again - sliders move back over the cog and hands

When the sliders are closed over the normal analogue hands cog-The blue tick mark turns left representing the hour
And the tick marks turn right representing the minutes then in the bubble the number between 0 and 4 represent the number of minutes located at the tick mark for minutes turned right
When minutes and hour are the same tick mark just turns to the left
So basically you have choices

If u push the circle in the middle it changes colour of circle!The rectangle slider making the cross horizontal at the top is a different time zone of another country in digital
Maybe if u long push the center circle the digital slider can slide showing the alternate digital time - long push again slider slides back over digital time - digital slider(only availible in the more expensive version of the watch)

This watch represents the 70s era made in 1969 commemorating the moon landing
It was considered highly futuristic for that era-only the mega wealthy could afford it
It could have an engraving of the make of watch which i havent thought of
A highly collectible vintage watch as the company that made it only made one model which is this watch
And went out of business by investing in a failed attempt at cellular phones!!