Designers, key elements to use

I’m wondering what you use as a core set of readouts on your watch faces.

for me, I’m restricted to my watch only. which is a cheapo Ticwatch S. I am getting a Ticwath Pro and at least one higher dollar watch later in the year, but as of now that’s what I have.

Without crowding my watch faces I don’t have a ton of things I want to put on each face.

Battery indicator is a no brainer, and I would assume weather. But what other core features do you include in your watch faces?

I’m asking because, especially premium designers, would know which features seem to be the best to use

At the same time, which watch is the most popular right now? I would imagine that’s the watch we should focus on? Although the OS has the same capability of any Android watch correct? i mean it’s the O/S that has the features, not the watch, but some don’t do heartbeat etc.

I know I have a Tizen watch but that one does have a “control panel” it shows all kind of things and for that reason I really skip faces that show the same information the Watch already has build in… Like the batt level… or connection status (wifi/bluetooth) etc…

Weather not interesting I look outside, time I do care for I have to know the time for my appointments. Games … I use my watch(es) not as a toy…

For me (just me) I use a smartwatch where I don’t like to use my mechanic watches so I mostly use my replica faces of the Daytona and Airking… just time is all I need and the notifications for news and mail…

Some faces are like a circus… If i’m outside I turn the wheel and I have my (build in) fitness apps…

It sometimes look like people want to put as much as possible on a screen like they have the need to use it all the time… I dunno about most other smart watches but most have a lot build in… beside’s all that, if you use all censors en a constant connection to feed the face you have to charge your phone every day… kind of stepping back into the future…

If you make a face for yourself you don’t have to ask if you make a face that everybody likes your going to be an millionaire… but give that some time it’s hard to please everyone with one brilliant face… (well my mom did when she created my face)…

Before people get upset again… this is JUST MY opinion… nothing more nothing less.

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This is tough to say. In many cases it is Form over Function. There are so many face to choose from, it is easier to specialize for one purpose or another. I’ve had some luck with minimal faces, others I’ve done have a ton of information. Check out the Top 100 Paid section and you will get an idea of how diverse the market is.

hmmm… not really a simple answer. I have a couple of …standards? configurations? for myself. I don’t worry too much anymore about building the perfect face that will have thousands of syncs. At this point I just enjoy building something I put a lot of time into and enjoy wearing. If I have dozens of faces someday it will be because I’ve been at it for years, not because I’m trying to output 10 faces a month or something.

I mostly try to stay in my groove. So my groove has become highly realistic analog, chronograph-type, metals, and other materials. I do have some unusual faces and some goofy ones, but mostly I stick to high metallic realism.

Battery, Steps, Weather for sure in different flavors - depends how lazy I am. I’ll add other components based on what I’m building. For example a beach-themed watch may have a one or two day quick glance weather forecast (as long as it’s easy to read and not tiny).

BIG FONTS. I tend to cater to older folks who use the watch as a utility. That means quick-glance, easy to read stuff.

Business class, white collar, professionals, luxury, evening wear… It would seem the stuff I build wouldn’t necessarily end up on a 20-year-old’s wrist. It’s not my generation, I don’t keep up with whats “cool”, it’s just not my thing. I tend to build faces for business professionals that would wear my designs to work, or an event, or a golf outing, or something you might put a suit and tie on for. I have very few ladies designs - again not my thing and the designs I built were not popular at all.

anyway that’s my story.



Just asking How many “John’s” are here ???

Guess what… my first name is also John …

Your wearing a smart watch when your fly business class ???

That are the moments I wear my real watch :slight_smile: I always told everybody I never buy one… til the crystal of my Air-king got a scratch… (that is how I ended here) So I use a smart watch to have my real watches close when I want to keep them in one piece … people here sometimes spend hours to invent the wheel for a second time… it’s fun if you have to much time but it removes the smart from smart watch…

I’d guess I don’t need to mention I’m a ‘john’

I own a web apps. security, design and development firm. We have 4 stakeholders.

3 of them are named John. Myself (CEO), my main business partner Jon and our President John.

try keeping track of that when people are asking who to talk to!

I am now called JT.

We do have a developer. Named John as welol but that’s different

Cool! I have nobody here working with the name John… One of my clients his middle name is John but that doesn’t count :sunglasses:

Here in Holland not many people are called John anymore… But one day John’s will rule the world and we all have Asian triplets! (sorry no 1 on the bucket list)

lol That’s right!

I’m actually 3rd generation. My grandfather and father are both John.

I was Johnny growing up.

Good times

It probably depends on your Followers and on your own taste. Most of my Followers are ladies except for men who also sync holiday themes at certain times of the year. The ladies seem to prefer less information and a nice image. Adding more stats for the ladies has not made a huge difference in syncs of my designs. I like to create the artwork, and personally don’t use much info daily except time, date, activity and watch%, so that’s what I produce.

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