Designing my watch face... C?

how can i get the temperature to show up in Celsius on the watch face i designed?
thanks for any ideas…

Hi, just change the Temperatur scale in your Facer App on your phone from imperial to metric.

i’ve done that… but still shows up in Fahrenheit…on the watch. i guess there’s no way to change it to Celsius in the facer designer

Hello ! Beware, on the Face designer (web browser), the temp is in Fahrenheit, but if your app is set to metric, when you will sync your watch, it should appear in Celsius :slight_smile:
I had the same concern, all my faces showing F° on the designer, but C° on the watch is correct!
That said, we take your feedback and will make sure that the Facer Creator shows the proper unit for your country in a future release. Cheers!

For displaying the temp in Celsius also in the Creator, try this : (round((#WCT#-32)*5/9))
hope it helps.

for a newly… how do i add this setting in creator?

It would be so much better to just have a button to switch between metric or imperial on the creator.
We can check our formulas so much easier.
And someone might be from the UK, but prefer metric or viceversa.

Just add this in the text section instead of the normal temperature tag

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