Diagonal line to be animated

Hi, I. Trying to do a blast of the Death Star and is a diagonal line, how can I animate it? I tried the back and forth of the documentation but it doesn’t apply to this case, can someone help me? Tia

This is the project

First off, you will need a background without that beam.

Second: Do you want it to unfold from the emitters into the focusing point and then have the main bean also unfold?

In a perfect design yes, but I have no clue how, I’ll recreate it without the light beam,

I will help you with the beams if you want.
Let me know when you will be ready.

please do, i’ll message you when ready… what should i need to create that you would think? i know the main beam, but also the little ones that fills in the main one?

If that is what you want at the end, then yes.
But don’t create them as images.
Upload only an image of the death star and create beams using “custom/shape/line”.
Make sure that the lines start in the points you want them to emerge.

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good that i checked, i was exactly doing that…

ready… the lines are there as you requested… btw thank you so much for all this that you are always keep helping me… nerio alberto - 40th Star Wars - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

If I can help I will at least try…

Ok, the main beam looks good, but you set up the smaller ones backward - they start (have the rotating point) not at the base but at the focusing point.
Try fixing that.

Also, think about when/how often do you want it to shoot.

is ready… just finished fixing it, about the amount of times, i would think 3 times per minute? thank you so much!

So ones per 20 seconds.
For how long you want that animation to take place (versus the time it will not be shooting)?
Also, do you want it to shoot in exactly 0, 20 and 40 seconds in each minute, or can the animation start when one opens up the face?

3 sec for the bottom and 5 for the main beam? You think?

That’s 8 seconds, and the other 12 will be nothing?
I suggest adding another 2 seconds of everything shown and then 10 seconds of nothing.

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I agree… and on 0, 20, 40… unless it can also be added one at open

Facer has a tag - #DWE# - that gives back time in seconds from the point when your face is shown.
That would be easier, since it goes past just 60 seconds.

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Yup, I use it for everything cause it doesn’t jump when the times does goes right

Then we will go with it.

This will be changing from 0 to 20 over and over again:


For small beam:

(clamp((((#DWE#/20)-floor(#DWE#/20))*20), 0, 3))

This will give you time moving from 0 to 3 and stopping at 3 for 17 seconds (till that 20 seconds period is ended).
Put this in the Width of each of your smaller beams (change x into it’s full length):

(((clamp((((#DWE#/20)-floor(#DWE#/20))*20), 0, 3))/3)*x)

Now the main beam:
(clamp((((#DWE#/20)-floor(#DWE#/20))*20), 3, 8))
This will give you time moving from 3 to 8 and stopping at 8 for 12 seconds (till that 20 seconds period is ended).
Put this in the Width of each of your main beam (change x into it’s full length):

(((clamp((((#DWE#/20)-floor(#DWE#/20))*20), 3, 8))/5)*x)

Now put this into the transparency of each beam:

Let me know, how it works.

Everything works amazing but the main beam needs to start when the rest collide, vs being there… I’m trying to understand it form the small beams but haven’t got it yet… and it looks amazing already, as much that I have done the artwork, but the most important part has been made by you… let me know your thoughts, like speed and so…

O, sorry for that.
Here is new main beam script:

(((clamp((((#DWE#/20)-floor(#DWE#/20))*20), 3, 8))-3)/5)*x)

It looks awesome, let me know your thoughts… gosh I would never know to make it, I’m trying to understand the technicality of it… just wow how much you know about this… thank you so much and please let me know what do you think about it…