Dial image not showing in thumbnail on store

The thumbnail on the app website and my creater profile doesn’t show the dial I created on my one face. So basically it looks like nothing and no one is going to actually sync it. Basically wasted my time

This is the actual watch

That is odd… what you could try is, in creator, press "play " on the time machine and let it run for a bit and then publish it again, see if that helps.

@dragon2777 This is a common bug with an easy solution. In the editor, select the layer that isn’t showing, click Tint, then Color, then select a color. Any color, it doesn’t matter. Then, reselect #ffffff as your layer color, all the way in the upper left. This will revert your image back to its original color. Click Update, and it should be visible.

I try to get in the habit of, before hitting that final “Publish” button, clicking “Back to Collection” (upper left icon) first. If a layer is going to be problematic, it’ll be obvious in that view, and it gives me a chance to fix it before it goes live on the site.

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Perfect thanks.