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Different info in same space

Hi. I’m trying to work out a face that has different info in the same space. I want to show the different weather info and have tried to show it on a rotating basis by portioning up the minute. I can’t seem to get the middle expression right. I don’t know where i’m going wrong with it.

Please help

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Here is the way how I like to solve it:

For 2 images or text, changes every 2 seconds:

first image/text opacity:

second image/text opacity:

For me 2 seconds rotating info works the best. It’s just enough time, not too fast, not too slow.
Example bellow: temp changes to min-max temp and vice versa.


If you are a No Pro like myself. You can use the Accelerometer to chek for a Wrist Action.
If you care to check some of my wory like the Zulu Matrix. You might be intrested. I can not help you more I am on a train at the moment. I wonder if your W I P is Inspectable.

Yes it is

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Cool. I see without inspectin it you have some little gaps in your timing. Some times it is just a matter of >= etc. I will have a look as soon as I can.

You have to be carefull with ( ) in a conditional. You are discovering the quirks of Facer Very Early. :rofl:

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Solution above works with non-pro/free creator, maybe I didn’t make it clear.

As russellcresser usually says: sometimes it takes a team to make it understandable. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m wanting to show 3 or 4 different elements in the same space so your example wouldn’t work with what I’m wanting.

Thank you for the pointer though and I may use your solution in future faces.

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@waynehardy66 you can have thousands of itterations of the @masterboyhr formula. We just need to juggle the numbers for you. You could have 1000 in a second if that is what you wanted. I think not . You have to give us some time because we are usually doing something else at the same time.

I think you have the wrong idea! I’m not expecting anyone to instantly give me the solution.

I’ve asked and as I’m sat at my computer doing something else, people are answering and I’m responding.

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@waynehardy66 This came to me in the bath . Best place for a good Idea.


So see %15 is the number of Items X Second Displayed . So 5 things shown for 3 seconds and so on . Remember your first number is 0 not 1 .

Saves you getting into Dual Conditionals using && and || .
So no good for crossing Zero but we will cross that bridge when we come to it .
See the test I use #Dsm# as I preferer stuff synced to the RTC Real Time Clock not always the Wake Timer .

Get back if you are not sure what is going on .


WOW!! Thank you, I was so engrossed in what I was doing away from this question, that I hadn’t seen the possibility in the code. It’s been decades since I was coding regularly.

Thank you for showing me how it can work. I always think that conditionals is the easiest way to follow, however, facer syntax is challenging.

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Strange Animal Facer Code.

russellcresser: and the crowd goes wild!!
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