Digital 60sec repeatable chrono timer

I am developing a analog chronograph with the second hand that ticks off the seconds. But I would like to add a digital 60 second timer that repeats itself with hundredths of a second accuracy. Similar to this expression but resets after 60 Seconds to coincide with the analog second hand. (#SWES#)

I’m not a mathematician, so I wouldn’t know where to start to develop an expression. But once someone shows me the expression and explains some of the variables to me I’m able to get a little better understanding here and there.

As soon as I get on my desktop I will put the expression I use for the second hand analog chronograph rotation. So you see what expression I’m using for the analog Chrono second hand

In the meantime thanks in advance for any help with an expression that would be a 60 second timer with hundredths of a second accuracy that resets itself every 60 Seconds.


If I am understanding what you want to do, I believe this might work for you.


Yes… exactly… perfect! thanks :smiley: :point_up_2: :+1: :call_me_hand: