Digital clock "ghost" numbets

After applying a face and after a few hours i get a “ghost” set of numbers behind the regular numbers. They are always white and a dif. Font.
Its happened on 2 faces now

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It may be because the creator of the watch face used a glow or stroke effect - both of which are a bit buggy. If you can post the links to the two watch faces we may be able to tell by looking at them.


@dflyspirit . As @Linlay says . Looking at your favourites There are a few there that have Stroke on the Numerals . That is the Beautiful outline round the numerals that you obviously Like . Sadly it works well on Creator Preview and the Apps but not many Watches . Contact the maker via comments on the Face . Most will be delighted with the Feedback and will change it immediately . It is no fault of the makers . They used this design Facility in good faith but Facer Has a few wrinkles trying to get their Platform to work across the complexity’s of the different operating systems and different watches . I see you have already selected some favourites whose work is always flawless .


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Yeah as @Linlay says they both have used stroke effects on the numerals .
Some effect like the shot I have made can be used to embellish a font rather than the Facer Effects. Get Lots of Linlay Faces .

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