Digital rotation of hands

There are tags for smooth rotation for those second, minute and hour hands. Are there tags which can simulate digital rotations (I mean tick–tack–tick–tack rotation, rotate without instantly jump)? or formula is required?

Mechanical ticking hands:

Smooth hands:

Regular ticking hands:

(floor(#DWFSS#*.75)/.75) try this. Perhaps you mean like this?

Quite close. Actually I want to simulate the outer ring (minute hand) movement of attached picture.


I saw that somewhere, wait let me look for it

sorry couldn’t find it, but I have an idea. if the seconds hit 0 let the minute move in sinus waves or in squarewaves
this is the closest I got



The conditional says when the seconds hit zero, it takes the rotational value of the minutes minus 6 degrees and adds 2 * sinus waves of the seconds in miliseconds times 20, which makes it stutter. and when the seconds hits one, it then spits out the rotational value for the minutes

I would play around with the numbers around the sinus function, depending on your design

I tried your formula and this is wonderful. Sorry maybe I am not good in express my need. What I need is the analog movement of the minute hand from a minute to next within a specified second (say 1 second). Stuttering is not required.

oh you mean something like


Exactly! thanks a lot!

this is another way to do it:

(#DWFM# + (interpAccel((#DNOW#/1000%60),59,60,1)*6))

you can change the 59 as a starting point (this eases in from seconds 59 to second 60)

I spent my whole days to create a newer true clock tower version. Thanks for your support. See this!