Digital Time jumps right to left when hitting double digits

Is there any way you can stop the digital time jumping from right to left when you hit double digits? I have to space things goofy right now because when I hit double digits on the hour it jumps to the left and then when I hit single digits it jumps back to the right. Any way to keep it from jumping right to left when I hit double digits? I don’t want to put a leading “0” in front of the hours. I would just like it to tack on the “1” on the left side when it hits (10, 11, 12) instead of jumping to the left.

Thank you for any kind of input you have to solve this!


The only way is to split the hours and minutes. You can either do hours #Db#: set to right justify, and minutes :#DmZ# set to left justify and overlap the colons to get it placed. Or separate each number and place it in it’s own little spot. Here’s a link to a watch face I’m working on that does that. I’ll leave inspection mode turned on until I publish it in a few days so you can get a look at it.

The following one is how I described to do it at first using right and left justify. I’ll leave it open to inspect for a week or so. It also has zero hours so that when the hours are only a single digit it will show a zero and fill the space.

Some fonts are worse at jumping around than others are. You’ll just have to play with the font if you want to make it totally stop. With the wrong font it will always move right and left when a 1 is involved in the time.

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Thank you so much! I right justified the hours and minutes and did some small adjustments and it works perfect!

Here is the watch I used it for:



Super, I’m glad it worked out for you. And that’s a nice looking face!

Thank You! Really enjoy it and real relaxing.