Digital Watchface - good enough?

Hi facer designers! This is my last watch design.
Will this kind of digital watches be cool to wear? Or am I out of style?


Any you style you like is perfect. I like digital faces and seem like many people do. This is a really cool design too! Congrats!

Thank you for your feedback!

I like this one Alot. Very good layout and design. My only suggestion and this is purely just my opinion, but the color is a little bright for me. Maybe a darker shade of blue. But that’s just me! Other then that awesome job!!! :metal:

Thank you for your feedback. Do mean the blue color over all or the light backgrounds? :slight_smile:
Something like this?


This kind will always stay popular :-). Very well done!

Nice work. I like both of em although i prefer classic ones.

Nicely done. I like the Gaia


PERFECT!!! This is exactly like I was envisioning it!! Excellent work.