Dim function works on Facer Creator, but not on smartwatch?

OK, I was making my first watch face with Facer Creator (see below), it appearned to work great on the creator app, i even checked the active/dim function on the showcase mode in creator…and worked perfectly! (I have a second hand when watch is active, but took second hand off for dim mode); when I push watch out to my gear S3 Classic, it works great, but when it goes into dim mode, the screen goes black. When I hit the button on the side of the watch to wake it up, the active watch comes back on, but second hand frozen. This is with AOD highlighted to be on in the settings of my S3 watch. I tried it with AOD off, and got the same outcome. Am I missing some setting in the creator app, being a newby and all? Any help would be appreciated. Also, FYI…when I use another watch face from creator, it dims just fine on my watch. Weird, I am really hoping it is something I did not check in settings for creator. Thanks :slight_smile:

It works fine on my Samsung gear s3. AOD as it should be. There are no settings in the facet app you could change. Look for the facet settings on your watch. 3 tap to open the slide. Go to the end. AOD style classic or dimmed. Maybe this is the problem. Classic is the designer determined AOD style. Dimmed just dims the active watch face.
Hope this works…

Ok…being a newbie to Facer Creator and especially to the Samsung Gear S3 (I previously owned Samsung Gear S)…I have learned 2 things (see below if you are new to the Samsung Gear S3…they are important) and the watch face does work fine, thanks B-One for confirming that it works on your s3 :slight_smile:

1 - I bought my watch in Jan 2019 (it had already been out for awhile); there was a massive update I needed to apply (270+ MB), so I had to update my watch software

2 - when testing out my watch face on my S3 smartwatch, I was testing it as my watch laid on my desk next to my PC. The S3 will go into black screen and lock mode if it is not on your wrist. I did not know this and it was driving me CRAZY! However, there is a feature, if you have AOD (Always On Display) on and just have screen dim in 15 seconds or something, as long as the watch is on your wrist, it will never lock, it will go into dim mode, and the watch works perfectly. Not knowing this at first was causing me to think there was something wrong with my watch face, as it would always go black and lock (not dim) when it was on my desk next to me as I test it.

Fine :joy::grinning: