Dim going blank after 2 seconds

I have made a watch face with a both a normal and dim face
When I use it on my gear S3 with the always on mode, it switches to the dim setting after the set time period as it should, but the dim face then goes black after 2 seconds instead of staying dim.

How do I stop this from happening?


Can you confirm this is only happening with Facer watch faces?

Yes, and only certain ones. The watch faces that came on the watch work right. I have also downloaded many facer watch faces where some work right (dim mode stays dim and doesn’t go black) and then others do exactly what mine do (goes black after being in dim mode for 2 seconds)

Can you link the specific face where you’re seeing this issue?

For instance “Santa Claus by PEDATOR”

Ok, I suspect that this is because the dim mode design is very bright (Samsung watches need the dim mode to be below a certain level of brightness). Can you check what AOD mode your Facer watch face is in? To do that, triple tap on the face, and scroll all the way to the right. You might want to switch from one mode to the other and see if it helps.

Let us know if that makes any difference and we can investigate further after that.

So there is classic and dimmed
Dimmed just dims the main face - and works fine, but I want it to switch to the dim face I have set
Classic switches to the dim face that I have set - which then goes black after 2 seconds

I figured it out. You mentioned the “has to be below a certain level of brightness” i added a black image on top of my dim face and set the transparency to 50%. This seems to have fixed the issue in classic mode as it now stays on.

Thank you for your help!

Great! Still a bug on our side though. We should automatically detect that and treat it properly. We’ll have our team investigate. Thanks for your report!

Hi @marshallfritts - can you let us know which version of Facer you use on your Gear S3? The latest version is 4.2.5.