Dim Mode after 4 seconds

On my watch the dim Mode activates after a few seconds after wake up.

On my watch I acrivated aod and dim Mode after 30 seconds.

What can I do, to let the active Mode on for 30 seconds.

Gear 3 frontier

try the Staylit app. Go to the google playstore WITH YOUR WATCH and download/install it. Works great.


How Do i make this, when i browse with the watch, the Browser always break down when i try to download the App

well @tuffij , for browser Iā€™m not sure.
a. I open the Google Play Store app on my watch (Huawei gen 1)
b. type Staylit on the super tiny keyboard (lol)
c. then just click install


That does not working on my Samsung Gear s3

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Tanks, that is What I tried out first.
It only works with watchfaces which are not build with facer.