DIM mode broken? Asus Zenwatch 2

Like couple of weeks ago with couple of updates of Facer, some watch faces having issue to dim. Basically the dim as it is defined in watchface is not used, instead the “full” watchface just goes to ambient. It usually happens when there is some screen wakeup after some notification. After that the watchface stays but in ambient mode, instead of switching into defined dim mode.

First image shows just the full watchface frozen in ambient mode, second image is properly dimmed watch face.

Update: this happens even on Facer default watch (right after install, before you select any watchface). Also I found out, that the issue happens, when you have notification on your screen and watchface should dim, in that case it just froze in full watch face in ambient mode.
Expected behaviour: proper dim face or in case of notification is displayed, notification in ambient mode is displayed.

seems not a Facer issue, this happens also for stock faces, so something has changed in WearOS

Hi! Can you share a pic of a stock face where this is happening as well?

Here I used Google Fit face:

^^^ active face

^^^ ambient mode (reduced colours but still full watch face displayed - not so obvious here, but check the color of the “step” bar).

^^^ standard dimmed face

I also have the problem you mentioned above , I’m using Huawei watch 2 , tried many Facer watchface still have same problem.

I have installed latest version of Facer and Wear OS, have using Pujie Black before but don’t have this problem.

I think it’s Facer app problem, hope they can fix it .

Has there been any update to this? I just got a Fossil gen 5 and didn’t have this problem until installed Facer. Definitely seems to happen after I get a notification