Dim mode -- goes dim and then dimmer

Hi – using S3 Gear frontier – using latest Facer app released Jan 2018 – I have 2 watch faces both with DIM MODE – very similar designs for both non-dim and dim mode.

One watch face DIMs wonderfully – can read info clearly. The other DIMs perfectly – but when activated to go to regular mode, the following DIM goes VERY DARK. It’s almost like a 2nd level of dimming. This is not happening in the first example — DIM works fine and does not go to a 2nd level of dimming that’s very dim.

Ideas on this? I’ve looked at both watch files in the FACER creator – elements in the watch faces are very similar – I don’t see anything in the design that might cause a “2nd level of dim”.

Hope someone can help with fixes or suggestions.

Hi! Can you share the links to both faces? We’ll look into it.


Has this issue been resolved? I am having the same problem. I even increased the transparency on one of my designs to 80% for dim mode and made the characters all white, hoping that would make it legible in dim. Unfortunately it didn’t help at all. My watch goes dark immediately followed by an extra dark version to the point that I might as well turn off the Always On feature. It’s too dark to see a thing. I’ve also turned off the ambient light settings and increased my brightness to the max.

I have a photo I am attaching which shows just how dark my watch is, even with all those aforementioned settings in place.

The watch face that I am currently designing and trying to wear (though this is happening with pretty much all watch faces):

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Here is another picture I took to try to make it clearer. Again, this is with my ambient mode turned off, brightness all the way up, and the Facer settings in the creator has dim mode for the background picture set to 80% transparency (which should be nearly as bright as it is in active mode):

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I am having this same issue. Any ideas?

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