Dim mode not working on gear S3

I am working on iMac with firefox, phone is samsung S5 and watch is gear S3 frontier. Ok here goes, I create a face watch with Facer Creator, check option for “DIM” mode to make sure that I have something activated for “DIM” mode, then sync on my phone and then on my watch. I activate the “always on” mode, wait for the screen to switch to DIM, the screen starts to Dim and then facewatch freezes and doesn’t turn to DIM Screen, I move the watch to turn on again the screen and it comes back to full on and goes on like that.

I’m new to Facer creator, so doesn’t know what to do.
Thank you

Have the same.

Looks like the dim function in creator is not compatible yet with AOD.

Hey guys!

On Gear S3, we currently do not use the Dim mode in always-on mode, but instead continue using the Active mode. This is because the S3 is the most powerful device today and can actually keep that Active mode all day long. Would you guys prefer to have the ability to design a Dim mode for Gear S3 as well?

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Yes it can, but at a huge battery drain, about 15-20%/hour.

Is there an option to select either? Some designs might be good enough for AOD some beter with dim mode.

Samsung restricts the original to 15% of pixels used for AOD for battery life.

I like the active mode always on
Mostly the dim mode is to simple for the gear s3.

I also like a dim mode for Gear S3.
I sometimes can’t recharge my watch overnight. Also like to do more days with it. Why not utilize the full product with optimal battterylife? Dim mode can be fancy too, thats up to the creators.

What happens now is that the screen does dim a little bit, but the second hand lags, stutters, or just stops after a few seconds on some watchfaces. It also DRAINS the battery for me. No way i can make a full day with it.

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Samsung gear S3 Frontier, EU Edition, AOD

  1. When the S3 go to Dim Mode, the screen get stuck in 3 seconds. The Second Hand dont’t react for 10sek. The the hand jumpes over 10 sek an go stuck again. That is not nice and not only my problem.

  2. I want the ability to get the dim screen. Why? 1. the watch don’t need so much power, because the dim screen is not so bright and simplified 2. two screens in one design is very beautiful

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Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback that’s super helpful. Our top priority is to address the battery consumption issues with the Gear S3. We should be able to significantly improve it in a future update. We are also considering adding the ability for users to use the “dim” design in always-on mode.


Its nice to hear, that the facer support is so close to the community!
Can’t wait for that updates :smile:

Have a nice day

Yes give us DiM Mode the watch just so standard watch at 25% power and is hard to read the standard watch face.

i understand that the watch is very powerful and all, but if he does not enter DIM mode, why does he dim the screen and continue with the normal watchface but with a brightness of less than human eyes can see in a day to day bases.because im at the office and when the AOD kicks in i dont see nothing on the watch.and with the regular watch face (Stock) i can see everything even when the AOD kicks in. thank you.

all along with the other guys, would really like the Dim-Mode working and happy to hear that you will follow our request !!!

Would also like dim mode on the s3. There is a burn-in concern with this watch. That is why gear designer won’t allow to high a pixel ration for dim mode. Please ad this!

it would maybe the best thing to add dim mode for s3 gears…I designed a face for myself and for possible future publish…I love the dim mode so much as a big watch collector / afficianado cuz it makes the smart watch more realistic and adds dimention to the face…

Also for the designer it makes it more fun and showing the design ability + creation…

So please add the dim mode for gear s3 watches… :smile:
thank you in advance

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Any update as to when this feature will be available?

it seems they cant work it out since last year.ill be back when dim mode works on gear s3.tnx

I refuse to use the watch without AoD, also I do not use watchfaces that use the default AoD from Samsung… that said… the lack of this feature by itself renders facer obsolete to me. Bought some very very nice watchfaces… but can’t use then because of lack of contrast when dimmed… more battery comsumption (keep rendering main textures) for less functionality… even digital watch faces are unusable… It also on the majority of cases makes the watch look like a cheap toy when it’s deciding between 3-4 stages of backlight… forget about getting the time at a glance in direct sunlight… honestly I’ve moved to the competition already… but you know… public negative/constructive feedback sometimes works… Not holding my breath though… On the other hand if you do not use the AoD functionality and accepts to twist yor arm or click the button to see the time… great collection of faces available…

@armartins thanks for your feedback! We definitely appreciate it. For some quick background here, the current AOD mode of Facer for Gear S3 is a dimmed version of the design to comply with fairly strict restrictions of Samsung on that device. Without going into too much detail, in order to maintain a decent battery life, we are required to keep the luminance of pixels under a certain threshold.

What we are going to do in the very near future is provide an option to use the designer made “dim” mode on the Gear S3 instead of a darkened version of the full-color design. The upside of that is that the AOD will be in full color, but it will in most cases be a much simplified version of the watch face.

The real solution will be to have our community of designers update their “dim” mode design to take full advantage of the Gear S3’s AOD but this will take a bit of time as we have thousands of designs. We’re working on it though!

Hope this helps!

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When are you going to be giving us an AOD feature? Because I’m not going to use the app until you add it, and there are a lot of nice watch faces that I wish to use in Facer.

Any day! :wink: We have an updated version of Facer which adds a dimmed/classic AOD mode option + some REALLY cool new features in the review queue at Samsung. Hoping to see it roll out by tomorrow.

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