Dim mode not working?

For my most recently published watchface the dim mode works fine in the editor but not on the watch. It appears that the dim mode also stopped working for older watchfaces already loaded on the watch after I have installed this latest watchface - for example, the second hand no longer disappears.

Samsung Gear S3.

@nussa2 sorry about that! Can you share a link to one of these faces as well as the expected behavior?

In the editor and preview it works as expected - in the dim mode the seconds dial (the one on the left) turns into the phone and watch battery levels indicator, but when loaded on my Samsung S3, the second hand just stops in the dim mode and the battery indicator does not appear.

Is it happening with another watchfaces? Check your “always on screen” option

Thank you! I must have inadvertently changed when selecting watchfaces!

When the face is awake, did you mean for your current temp to be blue? I just ask because its the only thing on the face that’s blue and I’m wondering if you meant it to be white.