Dim mode - notifications issue - overlap

I created my own watch, but I have slightly issues with notifications when in dim mode. I have battery stats at the bottom, when there is no notification it is OK, but when there is one it overlaps the bottom of the watch and I can’t read either battery stats nor the notification(because it is just unreadable as it overlaps in dim mode).

Is there any solution? I thohught about it and It would be great if one of these options was possible.

  1. To automaticly just shrink a bit the watch in vertical way so the notifications could be seen.
  2. To have 2 dim watches/modes. One without and the second with notifications.

Is something like that possible? Any idea?

Thanks for any advice, help.

I don’t know of this kind of possibilities right now.
You could ask for it under “Feature Requests/Tags & Functions in Facer Creator” category.