Dim mode. Pure Black and white ? or grey is ok too?

Hello guys.
this is my first post, so sorry if not at the right place (I did my best :slight_smile:

My question is : in dim mode, is grey allowed or must be pure black and white ?
I hope Grey is ok (anti aliasing…)
In my first watch, the (dim mode) background is pure black, indices and numbers are white, and hands are white… and grey.
Would you mind have a look and tell me if it’s ok ?

If Grey is ok, then I guess the numbers and indices and everything else can be grey rather that pure white; Less power consumption on oled…

Thanks for reading!

Roland (Paris, France)

Welcome @roland! Grey and other colors are allowed in dim mode and usually by most watches. However as you noted, grey, Black, and White will be better for power consumption. Design is nice. Simple and clean. Well done. I’ll post it here for anyone else.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Ok, knowing that, i may improve a bit more and keep the very light greeninstead of the pure white then… same goes for the indices and numbers. (If I understand well, it’s only a consumption issue… so the less pixels lighted, the better, but color does not really matter…)

In this watch, even in “normal” mode, the indices are dimmed progressively during the night. they fade out between 6PM and midnight, and fade in again between midnight and 6 AM. Between 6AM and 6PM it’s full bright.

(expressions are not very easy to manage… and I’ll open another post for a specific question :slight_smile:


Roland well arrived on Facer, good job!

Thanks to your answers, i’ve updated the “dim” mode. As long as I don’t own a watch yet; i’d be glad if I could see my design on someone else wrist. Please send me pictures !

Here are a couple of pics from my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

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