Dim mode + seconds problem

Hello :smile:

First of all ā€¦Im in love with Facer! and a big fanā€¦

And created a very first realistic face design for myself and for a possible publishā€¦It took many hours to design all the materials and face at computer with the actual realistic dim modeā€¦not only dim mode is not working also the seconds not working properly at dim modes ā€¦sometimes works sometimes notā€¦and when it works it doesnt work as the same way with the normal modeā€¦(floats turns to quartz movements)ā€¦ I experience this with many other faces as wellā€¦

There is one thing which I replied to another topic but I want to write againā€¦The Dim modes at Gear S3ā€¦

As a designer in real life and a creative/visual solutions agency owner + a big watch collector I think dim modes adds dimension and more realistic feel to the facesā€¦
Also when designing the faces its way more fun and it makes difference with designsā€¦(premimum or premium like designs)
for example I love luminated dim modes which have the actual faces (like real) and I design faces with the luminated versions of actual facesā€¦so If it wont work why would I design a realistic face? :))
I think many others may add many ideas or support this feelingā€¦

So please add the dim mode for gear s3 watchesā€¦ :smile:
thank you in advance


I also have problems with the seconds in DIM mode :confused:

I would like to just be able to see my dim mode on my watch without being in a pitch black room, due to the dim mode being much to dim.

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the seconds hand doesnā€™t work in DIM mode so itā€™ll be turned off by default. I guess thatā€™s supposed to help reduce battery consumption

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