Dim Mode Timeout Bug

I recently downloaded Facer onto my new Samsung Watch 3, and I noticed that Facer doesn’t respect the chosen system screen timeout setting. I have the watch set to go into always on / dim mode after 15 seconds, but Facer watch faces always go into dim mode after just 5 seconds, regardless of the system setting.

This makes them practically useless to me. Is this a known issue?

Hi there, Facer does have a quick trigger to dim. Apparently it is regardless to the hardware. There have been suggested a couple of 3rd party apps that can be used on the watch to change the time before Facer goes to dim, but I have not personally experimented with any yet. I think I asked this question in the forums myself earlier this summer, so you can probably search to find the apps that were suggested to me. Maybe one was called “stay it” ?

Thank you for responding. I saw a couple of posts talking about the kind of apps that you’re referring to, but I believe that they’re all for Wear OS, and not for Tizen. So, that can’t help me. If this is a known issue, then the developers of the Facer app should fix it.

I know that it doesn’t have to be this way because I also have the WatchMaker app installed, and I can set it to follow the system settings, or to stay awake for longer than the system settings.

I remember one more thing about Facer on Tizen ( I never use my Frontier anymore) but if you triple tap then scroll all the way to the left there is a settings tile that has a couple of options of how dim is handled. This is not available on WearOS so I’m not entirely sure what your choices are there, but I remember it mentioned here before.

I used Watchmaker for 2+ years before switching to Facer. I really like this platform and community, but the ability to set the timing of dim is definitely something I miss.