Dim screen - missing face picture

Hi all,

I have created my first watch face. When uploading everything looks fine, however on my Oppo watch on dim the additional picture is missing - only tick marks, hands and date is showing. Any ideas? I have tried to amend the layer properties and remove circle/square image and leave only dim image but this doesn’t solve the issue.


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Well, if I managed to upload the screenshot of the dimmed face that means it is ON show. Locking the layer doesn’t help neither.

Link your design here then you can have a better look at it … with the inspection mode switched on


here it is Adam - Legia Warsaw - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer


hi Adam, what’s supposed to be different in Dim than what we currently see? I can’t tell from your post what is wrong. But possibly it’s simply layer order? Your dim mode image layer is above a bunch of other layers. But since I’m not sure what’s supposed to be happening I can’t say for sure. There’s got to be a simple reason though :slight_smile:

Hey, just wondering if the seconds index (the graphic you’d like to see in DIM (AOD)) mode is white, so that you can see it when placed against a black background ? I only ask as your ‘on’ face is light in colour… just a thought. MACH-1

It would be best if you could enable inspection so that we can mess around the layers and see what it is you’re trying to do, and why it’s not working :slight_smile:
Ping me a private message if you need help in Polish.

EDIT: Just realized it is enabled so which element are you missing on the dim screen?
OK, I’ve been through the original post and it seems the disappearing element is the background image with red-white-green stripes.

It’s really interesting because switching between normal and dim display sometimes seems to not load the image either:

… but hovering the mouse over it kicks it back in place.
How bizarre. What is the original image size (kB)?

@szamo84 You should either reconnect the tarcza ciemna.png layer with the Set Image button, or assign the .png to Circle Image and Square Image modules. All four Image panels need to be filled or it won’t display correctly on device. Since this layer is hidden in Active mode, it doesn’t matter what image occupies the active image panels since it won’t show. But it will error out if they’re empty.


It was like that originally with all 4 images filled with tarcza ciemna.png. I have removed it to se if there is any difference and there is not.

I just redone everything from scratch and it works now. Thanks all!

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