Disable Dim Mode?

Is it possible to disable Dim mode on a watch face that I have purchased? I have a Ticwatch Pro, so dim mode is rather pointless and have gestures turned off to save battery, so I need to push a button to turn on the the watch. When I click the button it often opens on the dim screen for a couple seconds before switching to the normal display.

I know there’s apps that can do so…

StayLit is one:

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually have that app installed and it works well, but it doesn’t correct the issue. I don’t think I explained the issue properly. When I click the button to turn on my watch, it opens in the dim mode setting for a second or two before switching to normal mode, so for the first couple seconds the colours are black and white before switching to the full colour or normal mode. I was hoping there was a way to to get it to always come on in the full colour mode. Hopefully that explains it better

I don’t have a Ticwatch Pro but I do have a Ticwatch s and it doesn’t really do that. My Samsung s3 does this if I have always on display turned off but does not do it when it is on. As of right now I don’t think there is a fix to this but maybe @Facer_Official will know more.

Ok, thanks

Same problem here. This is specific to TicWatch Pro/4K cause this smartwatch has TWO displays. One over other one. When Facer goes to dim mode - this smartwatch turns upper LCD display on. It covers lower AMOLED display which shows Facer in dim mode. AMOLED is invisible. When we push button or tap screen then smartwatch turns LCD display off. AMOLED becomes visible. But Facer still is in dim mode and switches to normal mode slower than upper LCD display. This is why we see dim mode for some short time before normal. Solution must be - for TicWatch Pro/4K the dim mode must be switchable off.