[Discuss] $10 Per Watch Face?!

I mean the faces are ok but I would pay $1 max.

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Hey @steverobson401,
This, in fact, is an excellent question for the long term. Up to now, the price points for available online content (music, apps, games, …and watch faces) are as you said $1… $2… maybe $3 or higher. Exceptional apps have successfully broken into free and pay versions. For example, Dark Sky weather is free but if you want the animated in-bound precipitation graph you need to buy the pay version $3.99. Everyone I know has the pay version. So I guess it’s important enough to spend the money.

When pursuing my Project Management Professional certification (PMP) I downloaded some of the PMP exam prep apps. The one I ultimately used was $32. That’s a lot of money for an app in a $1 world. Still, the free apps were all garbage. And in the shadow of the boot camp course that’s $2,500, the $32-dollar alternative didn’t seem so bad (and I passed the ridiculous exam).

For sure, we’ve been coasting on the techno-geek side of the wristwatch scene where the manufacturers have largely been the electronics giants - Sony, ASUS, Samsung, Huawei, etc. However, I think you’re going to see a huge uptick in offerings from the manufacturers on the jewelry side of the wristwatch scene (Fossil, DKNY, MICHELE, Coach, Michael Kors, etc). It’s only a matter of time.

So when Rolex and other luxury mfrs finally get completely in the smartwatch groove and start offering optional watchfaces, do you think someone who spends $8,000 on a high-end smart watch will have a problem spending $10 to $50 on one downloadable watchface from the same brand? Probably not. I think when we get to that point, it will dramatically change the market dynamic of downloadable watchfaces which will affect pricing - hopefully in a good way for us developers :slight_smile:.



For now, that $10 watch face is serving as the friendly neighborhood piñata. It’s getting pilloried in reviews, rather impolitely. :smirk:

What’s mildly concerning is that some reviewers blame FACER, rather than the watch face publisher. :thinking:

YAY, PMP buddies. I finished mine off a couple of months ago. I cheaped out and just watched a few youtube videos on the Brain Dump. :sunglasses:

congrats! annoying wasn’t it? …and in no way does the PMBOK reflect real world. :joy:

It really is remarkable how much industry has adopted this cert. Still, I know some super PMs without the certification that can really plan and execute on project plans. And I know a few certified PM’s that can’t plan their way out of a paper bag. :unamused:


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Based on the reviews the pricing doesnt seem to have been much of a success

I dont think the designers get a say in how the watch faces are priced though?