DISDAYTIME issues on Nixon Mission

Anyone else having issues with DISDAYTIME tag not working on all smart watches? I am using it on opacity string to cycle a layer on/off dependent on sunrise/sunset times. In the creator it works as it should on test mode. My Gear S3 works correctly as I did a true test overnight on it, but the Nixon Mission just displays the false value coded layer. Also noticing that in app on mobile under the My Designs page the face displays correctly in the preview thumb, but when on the actual face in app it displays wrong and using the test button doesn’t work. Phone is Pixel 2XL with 9.0

Oh… and I used to use the tag for day/night designs under another account a few years back and it always worked on my Huawei and S3 so not sure if this is just on the Mission or across the board on all WEAR watches.

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This value on Gear Sport watches is also not reliable.

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Thanks, kind of figured it was hit or miss. Oh well lol.

Thanks for the reports, guys, we’re looking into it.