DISDAYTIME not working

Tag #DISDAYTIME# changes only from true to false. Back does not change. I tried to create a tentative watchface, which is the only time a disdaytime as a text value.

Creator version:
There is no dependency on the browser used.

ADDITION: does not work in fast time playback. But it is probably a general problem.

Now is 9:32 and my watch shows DISDAYTIME = false.
(Samsung Gear Sport Tizen, Facer App

Thank you

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It’s an issue with Creator. You have to test using the current day (meaning, go back in time if you’re testing at night) to see the DISDAYTIME change to true. But on your actual watch, it will work.

Here’s an example - a face I recently made. The preview won’t show the face getting lighter during the day, but if you download this face, it does work correctly.

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I know there’s a problem. As I wrote above, I was in a situation when it was 9:32 am and the watch showed FALSE.
I can not actually simulate it, but I will try to test it again.

I managed to simulate the problem repeatedly.
On the watch face, I placed the DISDAYTIME text item.
In the creator I set the time for the future for a few days. Gradually after hours.
I uploaded a watch face to my watch.
Now is 9:47 and the text item is still false.

I did this at night when False is right. In the morning the rank did not automatically change to true, but it remained false.

I acknowledge that this is not standard behavior. But the problem was occasionally common with normal use. It just stops evaluating in some cases.


The same thing you do on your watch face.

I hid the gray layer. set the time for the future, put it in his watch. Watches do not test DISDAYTIME and I assume that no more night / day / night transition will do nothing.

I also tried changing the watch face to another and back and still the same problem.