DISDAYTIME Opacity problems?

I’ve been using DISDAYTIME so my watches only display their lume layer at night and it has been working fine. Randomly today I noticed my watch never changed to it’s lume layer despite it still working in the creator.

The weird part is on desktop it only shows the lume layer and the mobile app it only shows the daytime layer.

Anybody else noticed this happening or had this happen in the past?

Thanks :smiley:

Previously, sometime there were problems with #DISDAYTIME#

Currently, in my projects, I use these formulas and everything works fine.

$#DISDAYTIME#==false?100:0$ for Night

$#DISDAYTIME#==true?100:0$ for Day

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I have noticed it would be later than actual sunset and earlier than sunrise, but it always worked eventually (10-30 minute delay)

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Yeah it seemed to fix itself but it was 2-3 hour delay so it was really noticeable this time. I’ll presume its a problem with Facer’s servers that can affect it.