Dislike Display Timeout Settings Samsung Watch 6

I have been using facer for years and loving it… my old watch was a Samsung active 2. I upgraded so I thought to a Samsung watch 6 and I hate it. It does not let me enjoy all the functions on the watch faces we get here from facer because it times out within 5 Seconds.

I went into the settings to change the time out they give you three options 15 seconds 30 seconds or 1 minute in order to use the one minute you have to be still and not move and tap on the watch to get the screen on my old watch had a setting of 5 minutes or never time out.

QUESTION IS: is there a workaround or an app I can use that will keep my screen on on the watch unless I turn it off they have a aod = always on display setting you can activate but it freezes everything on your watch within 5 Seconds you can see it but it doesn’t function really stupid watch anyone have any ideas

I use this,and have it set to 15 seconds. You can set the time limit to unlimited if you really want to!

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Is Watch 6 slow when launching app information?

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No it’s not slow …it’s the fact that the watch itself doesn’t allow you to set it for more than one minute Max screen time and most of the time it fades out after 5 seconds
they took the five minute option and Never option away from the watch
if there is a third party app that will allow me disable the time out setting …that would be great.
I was basically hoping someone would know of such an app that could help me

Jason, I saw this and it said it wont work on my watch because the OS was too new? What watch do you have ?

The screen timeout on Samsung watches is not on the twist to wake. It only works when you push the top side button. If you wake it up with the button it will stay on the amount of time you have set it to. If you twist your arm it’s preset at around 5 seconds and can’t be changed. It’s been that way since my Galaxy Watch first generation and still works the same on my Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.


Galaxy watch pro 5

New generation of Samsung watches, starting with watch4, is different than the ones powered by Tizen OS.

I also hated changes but when you get used to it you’ll see that it’s way, way better.
Much more complicated but better.

There are always pros and cons. I miss the old watchfaces from Samsung store.

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Actually the Samsung galaxy active 2 and gear 2 and Fronter 3 had a setting to leave it on for 5 mins or Never time out. These are the 2 watches we had before getting the Samsung watch 6.
We could be on treadmill watching steps and heart rate the whole time without touching the watch. Now you have to take your hand OFF the rail while power walking on treadmill and tap your watch every 5 seconds to 1 min (depending if you stay still enough )
There has to be a way to make it work like my last 2 watches did

Hmmm Jason,
If that app works with the Galaxy watch pro 5 , I’ll download it today IF google play store will let me, It did tag me saying the OS was too new for that app.
Thank you for your suggestion

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Considering that newer models have more options available such as sound capability, etc. wouldn’t a shorter display time conserve battery resources? Sometimes if you force 3rd party apps they break something else, so it may be a trade-off. Have you tried asking your question on a Samsung Watch dedicated forum, or in a related Facebook group?

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Its installed fine on my watch pro 5. I better not get the classic 6!

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Im jealous haha, google play store literally blocks me from installing it saying its not compatible with my new watch , theres got to be a work around. It really isnt safe to use when working out in this condition where it makes you remove your hands from the rails of the treadmill when going fast just to tap on the screen to see it. Ive spent hours with Samsung and verizon and neither one can figure out a way to help. I will find a way to work around this , I need a fully functional watch at times and really think it should be OUR decision on how long we can view a watch at times. Thank you for the PIC

That is very strange since the GW6 and the GW5 run the same exact software.

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I have a galaxy 4, but had the same problem with my Gear 3 (which I liked better). Not great for taking a pulse. You can’t push buttons while your hand is on a pulse so you have to hope you can wiggle it back on at the right time.

Perhaps it is an automated (blocking) message that runs if app software has not been updated within a specific time frame. In other words it was registered to run on 5 but StayLit has not changed that.

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