Display an image in a specific second?

Hello friends! I’m starting a project and I’d like to make an image appear in a second and stay visible only for that second! Could someone help me with the transparency tag?

Change 36 to what you want.

For a Premium Designer, it’s weird that you ask this question, I may have misunderstood your question … :confused:

Then you can use this expression in Transparency:


With this expression, the image will be displayed for one second during the 50th second of the minute

EDIT : The time to write my post … to advance by Mellin :blush:

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Or maybe @GRR means a specific second of a specific minute of a specific hour?
In this case:


That would be visible in the 1’st second of the 30’th minute of the 18’th hour.

THANKS Mellin!

Now if it works, I had tried with a similar formula but used a different label, I think that’s why it did not work. Thank you again!