Display number of syncs and/or likes for a face

At present a designer can view the total number of syncs for each face on his/her Facer creator “home page” via web browser, but not via his/her profile page or in the Android app; please add here.

Total number of likes does not seem to be available anywhere for the designer or publicly.

My personal preference is to have both the total number of syncs and likes publicly available.
Perhaps there is a good reason (simplicity / avoid confusion??) to only display one (or none) publicly, but it should be useful for designers to have access to these stats for their own faces.

Irrespective of what is implemented, the experience should be consistent across the Android app and the web (and for web, not be limited to only the Creator page).

I respect your suggestion, but I don’t agree. I don’t know why it would be necesseary to have stats shared with the public. When that happens you bring in a competitive element.

Thanks @Linlay, all comments/opinions welcome, for or against (motivation preferred); this what this forum is for. :slight_smile:

My main motivation behind this suggestion is to get more obvious value out of the existing ‘like’ feature (at present it just sends notification to the designer to give him/her a warm fuzzy feeling; although I guess Facer does keep a total somewhere and might be using it for something).

My secondary motivation is to assist users with wading through the thousands of faces available on the platform to find the ‘good’ ones, present and past. Having more filter and/or sort options available for searching the Facer vault could help.

As said in my other (related, but slightly different and now amended) feature request thread regarding ratings, I do appreciate that there is a large element of art to a watch face, which makes any form of ‘rating’ subjective, but we do need something and it will be good if that something can be visible.

You warn against creating competition as if competition is bad.
IMHO the competition is already there.
To quote Orwell’s Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. :slight_smile:

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the way Facer is structured, just stating the fact that there is a hierarchical structure. Given that there is a structure, there will be aspirations to move ‘up’ the structure, creating competition. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Facer has several ‘types’ or ‘levels’ of designers (invited partners, subscribed to pro, enthusiasts using only free features, etc.). Some publish often others only once. Most are competing to get featured, followed, trend, be invited as partner, or just to stay visible on the newly created list.
However the criteria for most of this is hidden from view and cannot be used directly by users to find faces that they like.

I am sure there are many excellent faces that received several likes and/or syncs on Facer shortly after being published in the past (equal to a face trending at present), but then got buried and forgotten deep down in the Facer vault.
Being able to search or filter based on ‘likes’ and/or syncs, could perhaps help to surface those.

Open to suggestions.

You can now filter designs based on categories and tags. That gives all members a chance to have his/her work seen.
People learn and grow in their skills. Facer gives everyone a chance. This community is a wealth of information for anyone who wants to learn, and is very fair in featuring designs by all skill levels and for all tastes.
Designers are always upgrading, editing old designs, and creating new collections. All that brings them to the top so that they are not buried.

I did not mean to imply that Facer is unfair.

Tags and categories are there, fair enough, but does not give any indication of popularity, which although subjective, it the best measure I can think of to distinguish the ‘better’ faces from the rest.
Many forums and platforms use the ‘like’ functionality and most publish the total number of likes publicly, or at least to the original publisher.

But lets not debate this too much.
It is a suggestion for Facer to use as they see fit.
I am leaving the request / suggestion up for others to comment if they want.

Facer is indeed a very welcoming and helpful community. This must not change.
I would not be commenting here if I did not feel welcome, even as a relative noob.
I doubt if I will ever be a ‘designer’ in the artistic sense; not many engineers are :slight_smile:, but I do enjoy the technical / mathematical challenge side. Face design also gave me the nudge to finally start learning how to use at least the basic functions of a graphics editor; long and steep learning curve ahead for me.