Display turns to black in Always On Mode after a while

I use Facer on a Galaxy Watch 46mm. I’m always using the Always On Mode and thats working fine for quite a while. All faces go to the dimmed mode after time out, but now I realised that when I dont use the watch (but still wear it) Facer turns the screen to black after a while. Didnt find out yet after what amount of time.
Is this a feature or a bug?

Hrm, it’s not doing it on my Galaxy 46mm… is there a chance you have your brightness settings set too low?

Here’s my settings:
Settings -> Watchfaces -> Watch always on
Settings -> Display -> Brightness 7 / Auto low brightness ON / Timeout 1 MIN

Running: Facer 5.1.11_101043-(101043) (on the phone side of things)

No, have nearly the same settings except for Auto low brightness OFF and timeout 30 seconds

On my TicWatch S2, there seem to be three display modes.

  1. Bright colored Active display
  2. Slightly dimmed Active display
  3. Dimmed display, in which most of the elements are dimmed exactly as expected, but the Time is still at the Active brightness level
  4. There is no Auto low brightness or timeout setting that I can find